A Review Of Lifepro by Lifesmart LS2002FRP13 Infrared Heater Fireplace

If you are looking for a great infrared heater fireplace, you need to give the Lifepro by Lifesmart LS2002FRP13 a try. It features a compact design that fits into any room space. When you install it in your home, you can be sure of getting a cozy, warm feeling when the weather becomes cooler. It makes the house warmer without taking out humidity. You will not spend a lot of money on its installation because you can easily do it yourself.

What you will like most about this fireplace is that you can install it anywhere in your house because no venting is required. It has a beautiful mantle that surrounds every fireplace that it is comprised of. This makes it easy to match it with the décor of your house. It is designed to heat a large room unlike most electric fireplaces. You will like the fact that it comes with a remote control that allows you to view the flames without necessarily using its heating part. You can operate the fireplace across the room using the remote control.

You can set the thermostat that the Lifepro by Lifesmart LS2002FRP13 fireplace has to any temperature that you want. When heat reaches the set temperature, it automatically cuts off. This makes the fireplace very ideal for zoning. It only uses up to 1500 watts that are no more than the wattage of a common hair dryer. You simply need to plug it into 15 amp and 100 volt outlet to enjoy the amazing benefits that it comes with. It produces a beautiful and realistic flame just like it is the case with a real fire.

In spite of the heat that this fire place supplies, its sides do not feel hot to the touch even if it has been running for many hours. It produces flames that are very realistic. The only part that gets hot is the grill that is located at the front side where the heat comes out from. You can have it running for more than six hours straight without the back side getting hot. You can keep the thermostat at as low as 62 and still feel warm in your living room when this fireplace is running.

You will not regret spending your money on the Lifepro by Lifesmart LS2002FRP13 fireplace. You will definitely be thrilled with it because it looks very beautiful when it is running and the heat that it produces is great. You can operate it with or without heat, something which allows you to enjoy the ambiance all year round. It is equipped with a quiet scroll fan that helps to circulate heat. It comes with E-Z gliders and will be a great addition to your living room, bedroom, basement or any other room in your house. It is very quiet. The only noise that you will ever hear from it is just a slight hum that you will hardly notice. If you do not like feeling cold in your house during the winter season, you should definitely consider buying this fireplace.